Friday, May 9, 2014

Are You Steadfast in Your Own Knowing?

Lake Erie is finally awake after an extra long and cold winter

Today I will just be getting home from my retreat week at Chautauqua. (I wonder what I will have learned this time...)

I know one of the things on my mind going into this retreat was/is the idea of renunciation.

I've been reading this book about Swami Kripalu, and one story in particular about his early life really stuck out for me.

Kripalu's guru is on his death bed and he informs Kripalu that he is his spiritual successor and that the ashram will be his in a matter of days.

Kripalu turns him down. Which is rather...bold.  Kripalu says that for his own soul's sake, he cannot be in charge of a building and people and all of the details the come from such responsibility. Kripalu wants to simply -- very simply, indeed -- focus on his own yoga sadhana and the teaching that naturally arises from that sadhana.

Ahh...this made me pause and sigh when I read it. It touched something in this heart of mine.

I do work that I love.

And yet, no matter how much we love the work we do, there is always this risk that our efforts turn into grasping.

Doing something and doing it well takes effort. But it's the quality and type of effort that I'm talking about here.

We should definitely give our passions our all or why bother.

But we should be aware of whose model we are building our life's passion around and on top of. What is the foundation and did you construct it yourself or just go along with what was already there?

Kripalu decides he needs his own model to work from and with in order to fulfill the calling of his heart and spirit.

We all do.

We are all unique and our approach to our work need not, should not look like anyone else's approach. But it's hard, right? It's hard not to fall into traps about success and failure and material gain and fame and popularity...all the old and familiar traps.

It's hard to say no when someone or life wants to just hand you something. It's hard to be steadfast in your own knowing.

And it's the most important thing of all.

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