Friday, May 2, 2014

Nowhere to Go. Nothing to Do. No One to Be.

New mala made and gifted by a friend
The last time I was at Kripalu, things were pretty...rough. But beyond the workshop itself, Kripalu was still its wonderful self, and now that I have some distance, those wonderful parts are asserting themselves in my memory over the icky.

Suddenly a couple of days ago, for example, I remembered this wonderful set of words I kept hearing in classes.

Nowhere to Go. Nothing to Do. No One to Be.


Even if you just take a few seconds to sit and concentrate on your breath and notice what is going on with you...checking in with the physical and emotional and spiritual bodies...and as you breathe, repeat this to yourself a few times and see how it feels.

It instantly relaxes me.

And though the first two parts are not always true as we move from one task to the next, they can be true in a few brief moments if we just remember to pause.

The third part can be true all the time, of course, but it most often is not, as we put on one different mask after another to meet our own or others' expectations of how we are, how we behave, what we provide, what needs we meet.

Imagine if people walked around all day repeating to themselves, "No one to be" and actually understood and followed through with the idea.

Imagine if we all walked around all day being our honest, true selves, never hiding, never pretending.

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