Friday, May 30, 2014

The Most Important Ingredient in Dance as Spiritual Art

Photos by Lani Harmon Photography

Most importantly, we must bring honesty to our dance. Feeling like shit? Dance feeling like shit. Feeling like you're the most rockin' awesome piece of human ever? Dance that, too.


Honest emotions are the fuel of this expressive, spiritual art. They fuel our dance, and our dance, in turn, creates space in the body by moving those emotions and giving them light and air. Otherwise they get stuck and sit like rocks in our tissues, blocking our true, powerful, beautiful self.

Most hours of most days, most humans are repressing something. What have you been repressing? Can you take it to the dance?

You can now learn how to teach dance as a spiritual practice! My first teacher training is coming at the end of September! Just visit the "Teacher Training" tab at the top of this page.

If you want to explore more deeply how to create an at-home dance sadhana (spiritual path) practice, you could join my super secret Facebook group, Inferno of Awesome. This group is invisible until you're added. FIRST, make sure you are my friend on FB, and SECOND, ask me to add you.