Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm a Nut: What 3 Days with My FitBit Has Already Taught Me

A shot from my Rhythm Session with Lani Harmon Photography

Today is my third day with a FitBit attached permanently to my hip. I needed this, for sure. If I wasn't at the studio dancing or teaching, I was pretty much sitting in front of this computer.

I knew from my time on retreats that walking was great for my brain and my hips. (I have some congenital hip issues, and I know that walking will actually keep me dancing.)  On retreat at Chautauqua, all I do is walk and write, walk and write, walk and write. And I feel great and clear.

But alas, I've not been able to bring that home. The computer sits here, taunting me with the shiny distractions of the interwebs, and this stool upon which my ass becomes glued is super comfortable.

I am a girl who has always responded well to external motivation. I used to be ashamed of that but no more. If all it takes is some sixty dollar device to get me healthier in a million ways, then I'm fine with that device (and besides, it came in bright pink).

The FitBit (and this is in no way an ad for this thing) not only counts your steps and distances but this information is then uploaded to your personal dashboard, and somehow (through some sort of wizardry!), it creates other sorts of informational tidbits, including the intensity level of your walking.


I walk hard and fast, but I would never categorize this as intense. It turns out, though, that in the Land of FitBit, much of my walking is not just moderately intense but "VERY."


On the first day, I did over 200% of the recommended "very intense" minutes.

This made no sense to me.

I did NOT almost DIE on my walk so there is no way it is intense!

And thus, some of my nutbaggery is revealed to me.

Apparently I believe that unless you are almost DYING with effort, it's not really much effort.

This is played out in my studio, where I don't think I've done much of anything unless said almost-death occurs.

Lesson One: My idea of intense may be a...bit extreme. Huh.

This comes after my photo session with my student/friend/colleague/photographer, Lani (see above), during which she started calling me the Energizer Bunny, which I thought was ridiculous!


Onto lesson two...

Yesterday evening as I was beginning my walk at the cemetery up a very long, low grade hill, which I attack, as you can imagine, with immediate "I hate you" sorts of vigor, I wondered why my leg muscles already felt a little...achey.

What is that? Do I need to change my diet? Did I get enough water today?

Could it be that I had not really warmed up at all, but instead, as usual, I dove right in, head first? After my first hill lap, of course, everything loosened up and all was well.

At which point, I realized another belief of the redonk variety that I hold:

I SHOULD be able to work really really really hard (to the point of near-death, remember) and NOT FEEL IT.


Nutbag indeed.

I know perfectly well where all these beliefs come from, but until this FitBit came, I did not realize that I was operating from them. At all.

Onward...more walking awaits, as I'm sure do more lessons.

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