Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Love List: Seeing Yourself through She

The door to my office at the studio; the light caught my eye

Since I did the natural movement photo session with Lani Harmon (whom I will be meeting with on Thursday to see all the photos! Eep!), I have noticed how much time I spend in judgy mind about this body. I knew that already, but I didn't REALLY notice. I guess it was just that natural. Just part of my day. Sad.

Now I am trying to take time to tell myself what's wonderful about this body.

This is new for me and it feels...awkward.

One trick I've been sharing with people who also have a hard time with this is to write in third person.

Look at a photo of yourself or look in the mirror and imagine that you're looking at a beloved friend. Imagine that friend has asked you to tell them what you see.

You would never say, "Well...she certainly has quite the fat ass..."


You wouldn't even see her that way to begin with!

So looking at yourself, write a list of things you love but write about "her." And write every little thing. Nothing is trivial. "She has beautiful hair. She has graceful feet."

Go. Try it. Let me know what happens.

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