Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Resistance Really IS Futile

Though there are some Big Changes going on around here, I am finding that I spend a lot of my time feeling rather excited (and a lot of time in Deep Learning About Myself mode and actually liking what I am finding but that's another post).

Even just six months ago (and more so a year or two ago), I would have seen this personal life change as devastating. It would have sent me into a tailspin, crashing into the land of deep depression and self hatred.

I would have quit everything and curled up in bed.

But I haven't even come close to that kind of response.

It has been amazing to see that all the work I've put into overcoming my depression and anxiety and all the effort and devotion I've put toward all my spiritual practices...well, they've freaking, um, paid off. (That seems rather uncool to say.)

Seriously. This is a time when I get to see what comes of the planting I have done.

And it turns out that I didn't grow a thicket of thorns but rather a beautiful big tree. (Tree comes to mind instead of flower. Who knows why...though a tree is rooted and touching the sky, so that makes sense when I think it through.)

I keep wanting to say that things are actually not bad, that there is an ease in this life, that there is still so much love.

And that's true, but it's true because of this other stuff -- it's true because of my reaction to what has happened.

Curling up in bed and quitting -- that is Resisting What Is.

Resistance causes tension and pushes away the possibility of ease. Without ease, we cannot make good decisions. We cannot act from a place of love and joy and openness.

When we embrace WHATEVER is happening, it ALLOWS.

Allowing makes ease and ease makes for good choices and good choices make for positive change.

Allowing eventually leads to joy, regardless of the starting point.

Resistance causes pain. This is true on the physical, spiritual, and emotional level. (Because they're all the same.)

Embracing turns life into an adventure.

So things are good because I now expect good and I don't expect things to be other than they are.

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