Monday, July 21, 2014

Walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk...

Erie City Cemetery

...walk walk walk walk walk walk walk...

Yes. I've been walking. A lot. More than ever in my life, thanks to my trusty FitBit.

Marcy would try to get me to walk and I would whine that it was boring and that I would rather dance.

Of course, walking does different things for the body than dance, but that was still not enough to propel me from in front of my computer, which is where you would usually find me when I wasn't dancing.

The FitBit though! (This is not in any way an ad.) It uploads to a dashboard and tracks your steps and gives me just enough of a reward to act as the carrot at the end of the stick. "Reward" being that I meet my set goals and then those goals turn into smiley faces and tell me I am a champ. (I am also...apparently...easy.)

Suddenly I am a Walker, making sure to get in my 10,000 steps (approximately 5 miles) a day. I schedule my walking now just as seriously as I do my dance time. I usually get to about 12,000 steps and I want 15,000 to my daily allotment but I fear...obsession. (HA)

I have a bigger point here. Really, I do.

And that bigger point is that something about walking has truly surprised me.

Beyond the physiological benefits (and I have seen plenty of those even in just the first two weeks), there has been something happening with my brain that I was NOT expecting.

And it's taken me some time to figure out the difference between walking and dance when it comes to said brain.

Dancing makes me feel huge, connected, powerful, tapped in, aware on a divine level. It's hard to explain (though I do an okay job in this interview).

Powerful, though, is one of the biggest feelings it gives me. When I am dancing, I KNOW that I can do anything. It's not ego; it's just this deep knowing that I am ultimately CAPABLE. As we all are.

This feeling...I don't really get it anywhere else besides dance and it's strongest, of course, WHILE I dance. It can last but it fades rather quickly.

Now walking...walking does not make me feel this way.

Walking...((drumroll))...makes me feel calm and at peace.

Those are things I so rarely feel that I just decided that they were not for me. That I am tightly wound and that is that.

Alas...that is, in and of itself, a story.

I CAN feel calm and peaceful.

Walking washes away the anxiety and the fear and the nervous and the hyper.  And like the powerful feelings of dance, it doesn't last terribly long. It starts to fade pretty quickly.

Luckily, my FitBit reminds me that I still have more walking to do for the day...

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