Friday, August 22, 2014

Introducing: Kintsugi Dance!

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Over the years my work has slowly and steadily been evolving from my initial training in Let Your Yoga Dance with my beautiful and wise mentor, Megha, to something  The work really started to change after my life-altering intensive with Western Butoh artist, Maureen Fleming. I am STILL unpacking all that intensive did for/to me, and I am gathering the courage to go through it again.

But it was within the last six months that something fundamental happened and I could feel that the transformation of me and the work had reached some important peak. Not that there won't always be evolution but I knew I had gotten somewhere...important.

Everything felt more solid. I could feel my feet, grounded in the work in a new way and grounded in my own knowing.

And I knew it was time to finalize a name.

I've been calling this work Reed Dance Sadhana, but that name just sorta happened and it worked for a bit but I was uncomfortable with it for a few reasons.

I knew the work was worthy of a provocative name that made people gasp a little or at least made them curious.

And so finally, Kintsugi Dance.

This feels right all the way into my bones.

It honors my most profound influences and it sounds...magical.


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