Thursday, August 28, 2014

Trust Schmust

Rock stacks by Marcy
(they got even crazier and more awesome after this)
I'm not a big Course in Miracles girl (just because...I have other paths), but OUCH! Some of the quotes from that stuff just hit the target right in the center, including this one:

"Patience is natural to those who trust."

You see, I am NOT patient.

Marcy is the opposite. She is patient like those rocks in that photo. Long term, settled patience.

She tells me all the time, "just trust's going to work out..." And she is always right but I never learn.

I still am waking up at 3 AM and tossing and turning until six.

This from the person who created "Breathe & Wait" as the CORE of her modality, Kintsugi Dance.




Breathe and wait for the body to lead the way.

Rather than thinking movement, ALLOWING movement.

BEING like water.

Flowing rather than muscling through or forcing or expecting.

I've gotten really good at this with my dance.

This is the work, though, and it's the importance of long term commitment.

You might think you're getting somewhere with the work when you're in the studio or in a class or being guided by another like myself.

But you're REALLY getting somewhere when you don't need any of that to DO the work AND when the work starts to spill out of the studio, out of the practice and into your life.

And this can take...a little while.  ((ha))

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