Monday, September 22, 2014

Falling Slowly

The sky from over a week ago
The seasons are in constant flux, of course. The moment we cross into summer, you can see signs of Fall if you pay close attention. The second we hit deep winter, there is this underlying and subtle movement toward rebirth.

It was a few weeks ago that, walking in the cemetery, I came upon my first reddened leaf.

And it has been weeks that I hear and then rush to the front door and outside to catch a glimpse of the geese "practicing their Vs," as I like to say, as they start to prepare for migration.  Every night, the time of that sound that calls to me gets a little earlier as the light is quickly diminishing.

I love this time of year. It's totally my favorite.

Another sign of Fall, for me, is music. I listen to Pandora stations all day long as I write, read, connect, and play.  About two weeks ago, I started listening to more Gregorian chant during the day and at night, Dead Can Dance (among other things).

I've started to light candles again.

I love the darkness of this time of year and the cozy that it infuses into my life.

I feel myself preparing for the long and beautiful and still and quiet season of hibernation that is winter. And this winter, I am taking a break from some of my teaching so that I can truly cocoon and discern next steps in this beautiful life.

But one mustn't rush things and as we cross the line that is Fall Equinox (or Mabon) over night or tomorrow (depending on where you live), this is a time for last harvests, for gathering and gratitude.

If you want to add in more celebration for this time, here's a great list of correspondences for Mabon.

Even without the physical evidence of this time of year -- pumpkins and gourds and orange candles, etc. -- you can just take some time to notice.

Look around at your life and see where you feel in alignment and where you don't. It's time to make some adjustments as you prepare for a season of deepening and slow.

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