Thursday, October 16, 2014

Back to the Beginning...

Playing on the last day of the week-long immersion
Next week, I will be teaching the last three classes in my current studio space. I've been in there for just over three years.

Buying the house next door so that Marcy and I could have more space was the final signal that I needed to give up my lease. I had been thinking about it for well over a year. Though I love the space, something about the way I have been doing this work was not working for me.

I had just sorta fallen into this typical studio model of working. It wasn't something that I decided from a totally awake place. Sometimes when things happen easily, we can mistake that for "supposed to happen." Sometimes we read meaning where there is simply coincidence.

Now I have a lovely (though smaller) studio space on the first floor of my house. I love love love this so much and am slowly transitioning the first floor into a place of deep exploration and creativity.

At the end of October, I will be heading to Kripalu for 8 days, and after that, I am taking the months of November and December to focus completely on my own practice and discern next steps.

I am heading back to the beginning...

When I returned to dance at the age of 40, for the first 9 months, all I did was my own practice. I didn't teach or share this with anyone. I would dance by myself every single day for 2 to 3 hours. I broke it up in to sections throughout the day and I spent time playing with different forms, from ballet to modern to tap to just my own thing.

I threw in strength training and some mixed yoga.

I became deeply immersed -- obsessed even. And I was so damn happy.

Looking back into my life, this way of being with dance started out so very young.

I did not take my first formal dance class until I was about 8 years old, but I had loved to dance for myself since I could walk.

And after I started taking classes, my primary way of engaging dance was still by myself. Every single day after school, I would head to the basement of our house where I had a small studio and I would put in my time.

For two whole months, this is what I will be doing: Dancing, walking, reading, writing, dancing...

I need to make next choices from this place of personal integrity -- where dance is just who I am and not "what I do."

I think things could get pretty damn exciting from there!
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