Monday, October 13, 2014

Firewalking is a CAKE WALK Compared to This!

Firewalking might seem challenging and even scary, but it's just a matter of tapping into the group energy, taking a deep breath, and moving quickly. Quickly being key.

What I ask women to do is much harder and means really looking into one's self and there's no way to be quick about it.

The first time, years ago, that I asked some students to do this, I knew I was onto something important, because they immediately would burst into tears -- or refuse to do it at all.

During the Kintsugi Dance immersion week, I saved this for very far into our time together, so people would know that they were 100% safe and that I wasn't asking them to do anything that would bring them anything but deeper self-understanding.

And they got that in spades.

Women who thought they were completely over and done with certain issues discovered they were NOT.

Backing up...

When I first put mirrors in the studio, people freaked a bit. And then I watched as they did everything in their power to avoid looking.

We must be able to LOOK at ourselves. We must be able to confront that image in the mirror of this body moving.

This is not so we can criticize that body, but so we can come to appreciate it even more.

So that's what I do: I ask women to DANCE in front of the mirrors. For more than three seconds! I ask them to take a good look.

I tell them "Become fascinated by what you see!"

Which makes women laugh.


At the idea of being fascinated by what is essentially a miracle -- YOU, your body.

When they laugh, I know there's work to be done. I know there are probably tears to come. It's nervous laughter.

Then I watch as they flirt with the mirrors, getting close but not really looking, looking from their peripheral vision.

It takes time for them to look head on.

But when you do, when you dare to watch yourself moving, to really take yourself in, to look at yourself freely, without critical eyes, to just witness your beautiful body, amazing things happen that no hot feet will ever teach you.
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