Thursday, October 9, 2014

MOVE Your Creativity IN and Your Pain OUT

When I am teaching, of course, my focus is 100% on the experiences that my students are having and how to get them deeper into their own experiences, how to help them witness what's happening for themselves, and how to process all of that.

My body becomes just another language tool to demonstrate and model processes that words can barely touch upon.

It is rare, therefore, for me to have any kind of breakthroughs of my own or for me to get body messages while teaching. It does happen but's super rare. This is happening left and right for those around me, but I am there for them...not for me.

In the days following, though, things settle enough that I can finally hear what was happening in the background for my own self.

Tuesday night, I taught my first actual Kintsugi Dance class since the immersion had ended. (I had taught Kundalini yoga on Sunday night but that's so very different and rather mechanical compared to my dance.)

Right away Tuesday night, I could sense things were different, and I realized two things from my own experience of the immersion, and these two things come to me every freaking time I work on that level, whether it be as teacher or student. Every time I come home from Kripalu having moved and danced for MANY hours a day, I come upon these two lessons.

First, wow...dancing many hours a day does not deplete my creativity as one would expect but elevates and deepens it. Tuesday night, I had new moves, so to speak, and nothing is more thrilling to me.

If you're getting bored by your movement, you're not doing it enough. The more we move, the more our body/mind seeks out the new, but if we move in small amounts every day, it's not enough to trigger the boredom level that needs to be triggered for new to be sought.

Second, another wow...the more I move a day, the less my pain body speaks. Period.

Pain bodies need to be moved. Never let a doctor tell you otherwise.*  Historically, doctors have loved to tell women to go to bed. (Read your medical history; it's disgusting.)

(*Unless you're missing cartilage in your knee, for example. There are VERY RARE cases that call for limited movement. VERY RARE.)

I have some chronic issues in this body that have gone from horrible to slight over the years as I've been moving/dancing more. This body was born with some twisted bones and a shallow hip joint and some other stuff that make chronic pain a possibility.

Notice I said "make chronic pain a POSSIBILITY." Those issues do not guarantee chronic pain. The only thing that guarantees chronic pain is me not moving my ass.

So the more I move...those pains...they just disappear.

Creativity and pain both become issues with a lack of movement, and MORE movement makes all those issues just GO AWAY.

I'm the teacher of this stuff and I still freaking forget!
As I take some time to rest and recover from all that teaching, I am, again, not moving as much, so I will have to be mindful about adding more movement back into my days. Now that I have studio space in my house, that will prove less challenging as there are fewer and fewer excuses to hold onto, but even for me, again, the "teacher," this is a daily process of choosing what's most important to me.

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