Monday, October 6, 2014

Post Immersion/Training

That photo is from a time last week when local students joined my immersion/training students for a 90 minute Kintsugi Dance class. There are so many more photos to come!

And so many more thoughts, but right now my body is demanding a lot of rest and my mind is so clogged up with ideas, observations, insights that I can't seem to get any single one of them out in a coherent and articulate way.

So patience, grasshopper. (Right there? I am talking to myself.)

Patience, indeed. I took a walk at the cemetery on Saturday, thinking I should immediately get back to it, and it actually made me feel a little sick.

Taking an immersion of this intensity is definitely a huge challenge and I was aware of it as a student of many, but I had no idea what TEACHING an immersion like this would do to me.

I am thrilled beyond thrilled with how it went and I know now, for one thing, that this is the way this work is meant to be experienced.  I also know beyond a doubt that I am not teaching dance, if that weren't already obvious. I am teaching human freedom. Dance is one of the tools. My favorite tool but just one.

I also now know without a shadow of a doubt why I have always been interested in, well, EVERYTHING. When you're teaching people on this level, you NEED everything.

AND...immersion is the right word for this work because it's learning a language and the best way to learn a language is to dive in.
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