Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Strength Really Does Make Life Easier

I think really obvious things like the title of this piece have become super not obvious. We are a culture of talking heads. We live in the tiny cage that is our head. 

I used to say about myself that if you cut off my body, my head wouldn't notice. Now I can't say that about ME, but I sure can say it about almost every person I pass on the street.

This past weekend, Marcy and a friend and I went to the studio to clear it of its larger and heavier pieces as I prepare to transition to the next phase of my work. The steps to my studio are very high and very steep. They are like a test. If new students have too hard a time with them, I know they're not really ready for my classes. But they can also act like a prod...making people realize how much they need to be there.

So we were moving lots of heavy things. Up and down those steps, and even at the end, I RAN up them.

When I first started teaching in that space, three years ago, I wasn't, of course, as strong and healthy as I am now. My strength and overall health has just kept improving, and this weekend was a perfect illustration.

The steps were not ever THAT difficult for me, but carrying things up and down three years ago was a whole different thing. It was HARD. This weekend? Nope.

Then there were some items in my studio that when we first moved in, I had to ask Marcy (who is incredibly strong) to lift them FOR ME.

One of those items? I just threw it up on my shoulder and took it down to the car. Easy peasy.

At one point, I stopped and turned to Marcy, and said "I LOVE BEING STRONG!"

Yep. I sure do.

With my increased physical strength has come increased mental and emotional strength.

When you feel like you can DO ANYTHING, you really CAN do anything. You can make it through anything when you feel proficient and efficient in your physical body.

After this experience of this past weekend, I am more determined than ever to explore the edges of my strength. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to approach this little project, but I'll let you know so you can join me!

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