Friday, October 10, 2014

Three of My Faves Now Available: Merton, Rilke, & Dorothy Day!

Marcy has now completed TWELVE dancing monks for her icon series and all twelve are available as prints. Ordering by October 31st guarantees delivery in time for the holidays.

The series includes the most recent four: Thomas Merton, Rainer Marie Rilke, Dorothy Day, and Amma Syncletica (one of the desert mothers).

You can also still order prints of the original eight: Benedict, Brigid, Mary, Hildegard, Miriam, Francis, Brendan, and King David.

(PLEASE NOTE: Prints do not go to the printer until AFTER October 31st. We have everything beautifully printed all at once by a local printer.)

GO HERE for all the information and to place orders!

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