Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Writing (to) the Body

The women of my very first week long immersion
So many breakthroughs happened around our sense of the physical self during the immersion that it will take months to process it all, but one in particular was stunning and though I won't share the details, I will share some of the outcome.

Linda (third from the left) had some very old stuff arise (all of us did) and it was hard, but she came up with this fabulous task for herself and I wanted to share it with all of you.

She decided, first, that she would be writing a letter to a part of her body that was acutely involved, and because it is a part of her that she realized she does NOT send any kind of love to, she was going to write a letter asking that part for forgiveness.

How beautiful is that?!

Then she decided she would be spending some time writing love letters to her body.

This blows me away. I would never think of such a thing and am so grateful to have had Linda with us on this journey to be this inspiration.

So there's your task.

From what parts of your body do you need to ask forgiveness?

And how could you incorporate writing love letters to your body into your weekly or monthly routine? Perhaps you could schedule this activity on the full moon or the first of the month.

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