Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Super Simple Floor Desk

Can you find all three cats in this photo?
Sitting is the new smoking is a popular thing to say and it has people doing all sorts of wacky things like the treadmill desk, which is crappy for you in its own ways.

A more accurate but less media friendly way to say this is: Sitting in the same position -- as in chair, sofa, car -- is bad for you like any habituated posture.

Sitting itself is not the culprit. As always, the culprit is the constancy, the sameness, the habituated patterns that turn us into statue-like versions of ourselves and over time decrease mobility, strength, and flexibility, increase osteoporosis, damage circulation, and the list goes on and on.

Sitting in different ways is key. As is standing and moving in different ways. Always looking for different. A mantra you would hear from me if you came to my classes.

So I have a computer desk that has a stool, upon which I can sit in a multitude of ways.

And now I made a quick Japanese inspired floor desk for my library with an old door and some garden bricks. It will do for now and looks kinda fun, I think.

Sitting on the floor is AMAZING for you as it activates all kinds of muscles happiness (which will feel like muscle grouchy and soreness at first).

If you sat on the floor right now right in front of me, I could read your body's issues in about five seconds. It all becomes VERY clear when you ask people to sit on the floor.

Tight psoas. Weak core. Tight hamstrings. Kyphosis. Etc. Etc. Blah blah blah.

Floor sitting is the truth teller. You can't hide on the floor.

I am awesome on the floor. Have always loved the floor. But have gotten even stronger there over the last few years of being conscious about HOW to BE on the floor.

Again...not just in cross legged. Changing it up is where the magicks reside, people.

Another awesome of my floor desk space is that it's not computer-ed.

This is a space for me, pens, paper, and my manual olivetti. No computer allowed.

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