Monday, November 24, 2014

Ain't No Mountain Low Enough

Today as I had tea with my very good friend, she told me she didn't know anyone as productive as me. I rolled my eyes. I know I did. Because that's what I do when people say stuff like that. But she ignored and persevered because she's used to me.

"So...when you get to the top of a mountain*, do you stop and look around and enjoy the view?"

(*For this metaphor to work, think of the mountain as a single project or single large goal.)

I stared at her.

"Or..." she started, but I interrupted, bursting out with, "There is NO TOP!"

Ah. I was excited by my response, like a very young child in school thinking they got the right answer.

Then I really heard what I said.

There. Is. No. Top.


Even mountain climbers -- the real ones instead of the metaphorical type like myself -- get to the TOP. They plant a flag. They take selfies. ((ha)) Then they go home and celebrate the fact that they survived, didn't lose any fingers or toes (or very few...), rest up, and THEN think about the next mountain.

As I started to journal about this after she left, it struck me that this could be the seed of the plant known as apathy and lethargy in my life.

Why start when you know there is no end?

Why begin when there is no place to stop and rest?

What is the point in doing when there will be no celebration of completing?

I may be quite productive, you see, but it comes in these INTENSE BURSTS of short-term productive. Then I am left wondering how productive I COULD be if I could maintain those bursts.

Though that is ALSO a story because in between what I think of as "good productive" (otherwise known as EXTREME producing), I am always producing SOMETHING but it's never enough or it somehow doesn't "count."

And thus the mountains-with-no-tops. I have to keep going for fear of stopping for good.

Wacky shit, this.

Effed UP.

And here we have learned reason number one billion why I am doing this sabbatical thingie...

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