Friday, November 7, 2014

I am the Tin Man

On the grounds of Kripalu: walls and foundations of the original mansion
that burned down and was replaced by the Jesuits with the current building
I can get lost in details. Day to day. Mundane. Details. They loom large in this aspie brain that has such a hard time with Big Picture, with settling into the flow, with the idea of rest and rejuvenation...because, you know, there are details always to attend to!

It happens even when I go to Kripalu for said rest and rejuvenation.

Which is a silly story I tell myself -- the part about Kripalu being a time of r and r (though I did have a couple of days of that this time). When I go to Kripalu, it's never for anything easy and it's always about Big Learning.

Just last week, I was there and being immersed in a variety of modalities in the growing field of somatic (body-based) psychotherapy. Can you just HEAR the PARTY in that!? ((ha))

I was surrounded by therapist, counselors, psychotherapists, even a psychiatrist.

I made friends with one in particular who was quite brilliant and we got to talking. She was super intrigued by my story so she asked a lot of questions and she had some insights (one of which was huge and I'll be writing about it soon).'s the thing...these people? They love to intellectualize and that is a weakness of mine. I say weakness because I think, as Bessel van der Kolk says in an interview on On Being, that we live under a tyranny of language and that we do much better to find other ways to deal with the Big Ideas and Big Events of our lives.

But I love...smartness and theory and words. A little too much sometimes and I forget that there are deeply wiser paths to KNOWING.

There is knowing that words can never ever touch.

By Wednesday, not to be too dramatic, I was deep in an existential sort of crisis. I was trying so hard to "make sense" and to "understand" and to "neaten."

I got into that place where I was convinced I really could not go on with my work in the world until this was cleared up. What good was I for anybody else when I could not perfect my own narrative!? ((laughing at self now))

Words. I was drowning in freaking words with these people.


Thank God.

It was time for early evening yoga. I didn't want (for some reason) to go to the class being taught by my wonderful and first movement mentor. (I must have known it would help!)

I tried to go to another class. I turned into the room and saw...a teacher I cannot stand. I know that sounds awful to say about a yoga teacher, but this is someone who teaches in such a way that the first time I experienced her, I kept worrying that I was going to SCREAM (really) and I eventually had to get up and leave her class.

Needless to say, I turned around and left, and with no other good option, I ran my ass to the gentle class being taught by my mentor.

Someone was truly looking out for me that day. Putting that teacher that I dislike in that class at that moment was the only thing that would have made me go to the class I was avoiding.

Within minutes, things started to loosen in my chest. There was softening.

By the end of the class, I was crying. (She does that to me. And to everyone.)

By the end of the class, I remembered that I am the Tin Man and that I, like him, am mistaken in forgetting that I already have a heart.

In some writing about the Wizard of Oz, it is pointed out that, furthermore, the Tin Man is the most tender hearted of all the characters. When a bug is killed, he is grief stricken.

Um. Yep.

We, the Tin People of the world, seem all slick and metal-y on the outside but we are pure goo on the inside.

Navigating our way through a world like this one, we have to keep that armor on. But then we start to mistake ourselves FOR the armor.

So once I found my heart again, I realized that I don't need to ever totally understand everything that happened to me and the repercussions of it.

I don't ever have to make WORD sense of my story.

I can just feel it and be it and live it. And that is way more important than putting language to it.

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