Monday, November 17, 2014

There is No Shame in Brokenness

My lens cover on my phone camera is cracked. I could go and get it fixed but it is making the most interesting things happen with light in my pictures. The above photo from a few weeks ago would not be half as cool if that cover were NOT broken.

Which is pretty much the idea behind the Japanese art of Kintsugi, right? You have this broken pottery that becomes way more beautiful after being repaired with gold lacquer.

And YOU are the same.

There is this whole line of thinking right now in the woo community that admitting to some brokenness is not okay, that a human is never broken, and that people who say you are broken are shit.

I agree with all of that but with a lot of subtlety mixed in.

You have a core, a ground luminosity, as they call it in Buddhism. An inner perfection. A seed of unconditional love from which you grew.

Use whichever metaphor works best for you.

THAT part of you cannot be touched by any level of awful in this life. On that level, you are truly never ever broken. On that level, you retain your innate infinite perfection.

People who play on your brokenness are definitely shit. You know the type -- they poke at it in order to create pain.

But...the reality is that none of us are going to get out of life without some brokenness.

We are fragile and precious beings. Our hearts are soft, for a reason.

Without this fragility and softness, no love can get in.

Without the possibility of brokenness, nothing that has the power to change us in the best ways can affect us.

We are not robots or mini-gods.

We are breakable.

That breakability is directly related to our beauty and it's the space from which all meaning arises.

I remember precise moments when cracks formed in my heart.

Those moments did not destroy me or kill me. I am still here. I am still loving. I am still optimistic.

Those moments, though, if denied or ignored or glossed over...they become deeper cracks. Those cracks spread if we don't deal with them as they honestly are.

You have experienced brokenness in your life.

You have cracks and fissures all over your beautiful insides.

The ways you have dealt with and continue to deal with those cracks and fissures is what makes you YOU.

Have you ignored them? Or have you filled them with the light and beauty of gold, creating meaning and purpose and a topography of fragile truth?

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