Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dance Visioning Process for the New Year

This Max Richter piece is one of my faves. The way it builds is heartbreakingly gorgeous. Allow it to open you up. Allow it illuminate all those beautiful fissures and scars that make you YOU.

And the best way to approach this is, of course, with no expectations. I would repeat the song a few times in a row, one time after another.

From the prompt I wrote at the end of 2013:
When we are dancing, when we are fully embodied, we know our true selves, our essential selves, and they are BIG and SHINY and CONNECTED and ALL KNOWING.

We plug into the whole freaking universe when we are embodied. We are limitless. And thus the deep, necessary importance of this practice.

Let's take a sort of new year vision quest into our dance.

REMINDERS: There are no rights or wrongs. This is ALL YOU. Breathe, wait, and allow movement to come to you. Don't force. Focus on the breath first and last and always. Feel the breath spreading into all parts of the body and let the breath be your guide.

Go to the dance with this question, using the above piece of music: "What do I desire for this coming year?" (Or some variation.)

Release the words of the question on your breath as the music begins.

Allow the vision to come naturally. Hold the question inside your body as you move; don't seek. Wait.

Do this a few times over the coming days.

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