Thursday, December 4, 2014

Everyone needs to move more, but if you're prone to depression or anxiety, you MUST move MORE than more. Fact.

And you have to SWEAT. And WORK HARD.

For more than ten minutes.

(You are worth more than ten minutes. Your mental health affects everyone around you.)

Let's back up.

Even when I'm in the midst of a downward spiral or a depression dip, I can usually get myself to do something basic like take a wee walk. (I've done this depression thing long enough now to know kinda how.)

Not enough. Nope. Not enough AT ALL.

And as someone who has natural cycles of depression, I have to learn this over and over and over...

In order to get the hormonal and chemical benefits that fight depression in the brain, you have to WORK HARD. You have to EXERT. You have to SWEAT.

The human body is made to do this daily ANYWAY, but in our special case, it becomes a life-saving necessity.

There's no way around this.

And? As soon as you start, you'll feel the benefits.

I'm on day three today of a sweaty morning routine and my brain feels SO. MUCH. BETTER.

That quick.

Anti-depressants can take up to two weeks to get working (and we won't go into all the awful freaking side effects and the fact that they don't actually FIX anything).

I'm not Suzy Sunshine blowing smoke up your arse on this one. All the research points to exercise being the most efficacious healing agent for depression and it kicks anxiety's BUTT.

If you need more science-y stuff, read this book.

Depression is a battle, people, and you need to Warrior UP!

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