Monday, December 1, 2014

Tweet! Tweet!

Cemetery walk
A few years ago I very casually shut down my Blisschick twitter and now I'm all like, WHAT WAS I THINKING!? It was a big and vital community, but at the time, I was feeling overwhelmed, and I started to just copy my Facebook stuff OVER to twitter, and I thought WHAT is that point of that?!

Which I still think. If that's ALL one is doing on Twitter, then really? Why bother?

At the time, too, I didn't have a wonderful smartphone so I was stuck at my computer if I wanted to tweet or interact.

No more of that. It would be like having a phone that's connected to the WALL or something! CAN YOU IMAGINE!?!? ((hahahaha))

So I am back on twitter. Click here and follow along!

Here's my thing/my promise that I shared on Facebook (ha) yesterday: I won't duplicate. I have interests (cats and dance, pretty much, as you already know), so my tweeting with be within those areas BUT I won't duplicate. Unless I think there's some super important reason to do so and that would be RARE.

Also! If you're on twitter and feeling like a benevolent sort of goddess, could you perhaps give me a shout-y introduction of sorts to your peeps? Trying to build up an exciting space takes time and patience and as always -- a little help from our friends.

If you want to get a taste of how we create more happy, strength, and connection through the practice of Kintsugi Dance, you could join my super secret Facebook group, Inferno of Awesome. This group is invisible until you're added. FIRST, make sure you are my friend on FB, and SECOND, ask me to add you.