Friday, December 19, 2014

Well...That is IMPOSSIBLE!

A moment of play during this years immersion week
There are a million things rattling around in my brain about this idea I'm about to share with you and so it's hard to choose how to begin.

I could start by reminding you that I've written before about my obsession with people who do extreme things. How I go through phases reading nothing but accounts of insanely difficult climbs up Mount Everest or I could point out that one of the books I am reading right now is about the (life-threatening) sport of free diving.

I could start by pointing out that this is a perfect topic in light of Christmas -- the story of young girl spoken to by God who responds to a a crazy ass request and then gives birth still a virgin (I mean...if you wanna believe all that and I like to believe things that seem unbelievable).

I could tell stories of all the times I've done things that started out as little tiny SCARY seeds of ideas and then somehow...I go ahead and do them anyway.

But here's a question: How many times have you thought something or something has come up in your journal and it seems like your pen was possessed by some demon of desire sent to mock you and you say out loud to yourself, "But that's impossible..."

And you move on. Never really forgetting but coating the idea with the Icing of Excuses that is attractive and tasty enough to seem Real and True.

This is the stuff I am going to work with for 2015 and it's what I am going to ask YOU to work with. I mean, really, we don't have all the time in the world. We only have these short lives and I want mine to be extraordinary.

We'll start by making lists of Things That Are Impossible.

Here's what you're looking for as you make these lists: a feeling in the pit of your stomach that says, "OH! Um...right...that is impossible really wanna..."

This is not a bucket list. You know -- those lists of "things to do before I die." Sometimes it's filled with trips and dares and things. That's fine. Then you check stuff off and bam. Done.

But our Impossible Things are always growing and they aren't about DOING as much as BEING through pushing our comfort zones, banging up against our edges.

That's all relative, of course.

One of my Impossible Things was thinking that I could not really do the work I do without also doing things that I don't really care to do -- like teach yoga. Well, today I announced I would no longer be doing that and nothing exploded! The universe seems to have maintained stability and I am not having an anxiety attack or vomiting or anything.

Some of the main things that *I* think are impossible have to do with how strong I could really get "at my age." I'm about to go on an adventure through 2015 that's all about proving myself wrong on that one. I'm gonna kick my own ass and get freaking ripped. (Again... keeping in mind that it's all relative. My "ripped" will look different than another person's as my body is different.)

I'm going to be spending some time over the holidays journaling about Impossible Things and waiting for the feeling in my belly.

I would love love love to hear about what you think is impossible and what you're going to do about it! #impossiblethings GO!

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