Monday, December 29, 2014

Why Resolutions Don't Suck but Our Understanding of Them Does

An extra wild day at the lake on Christmas
As we head toward the new year, you hear more and more moaning about how awful/not helpful/downright evil/mean resolutions are. "Resolving is just too...harsh."


Here's what that's really about:

In the past, we've made resolutions and then guess what happened? We didn't follow through.

So instead of seeing the problem as our own, we decide to point at and blame the idea of resolutions.

We've disappointed ourselves in the past and don't want to chance it again, forgetting that we are in charge of ourselves and that through commitments, we grow our personal integrity muscles.

We learn to trust ourselves by following through.

We don't learn to trust ourselves by avoiding challenging our ability to follow through.

We can't think our way to a new mindset or meditate our way to a stronger body; we must fight these battles in the material world by taking actions or setting forth ideals that, through action, we attain.

This material world is the battlefield for our spiritual warriorship as expressed through these physical bodies.

We become our warrior selves through...resolve, challenge, commitment, follow through.

And yes...we take care of ourselves but we do so in the context of challenge.

It's that second part that most people ignore.

"Each of you is perfect the way you are...and you could use a little improvement." To quote Shunryu Suzuki.

With all of that in mind...

How about we see the New Year as a convenient marker in time, as a gateway to other?

Then we can decide that markers or gateways of this nature are an easy way to trick the brain. This is just another, bigger version of another brain trick I teach.

When you're feeling stuck in your movement practice, I encourage the Five Minute Trick. We tell brain, who is being an asshole and really whiny, "just five minutes." And brain gives in and usually -- usually -- the five minutes turns into more.

So the question becomes:

What GIANT BRAIN TRICK would you like to employ on January 1st?

Think outside the box. Think the impossible.

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