Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Impossible Things 2015: Number Two

Accomplishing this 2nd thing will take lots of candle lighting!
(My first impossible thing along with an explanation of Impossible Things is right here.)

I am pretty much scared shitless of flying. It's the lack of control and you know, the DEATH thing. And don't try being logical with me. Phobias don't respond to your freaking fancy logic.

So when I say this second category fits the Impossible Things criteria, it probably does so more than any of my other impossibles.

I want to travel all over this globe, not just teaching women the methods of Kintsugi Dance but putting them into practice to create performance pieces.

I want to travel to sacred places -- both natural and human made -- and for a week, work intensely with a group of women to make a piece that speaks to their experiences as women but also speaks to the sacred nature of the space we are sharing.

For 2015, the goal is to get this ball rolling.

That can take the form of getting plans in place but also going somewhere within driving distance to do this work for the first time.

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