Friday, January 16, 2015

Impossible Things 2015: Number Five

Playing at the end of our weeklong immersion.
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(To read about my Impossible Things 2015 One through Four, go here.)
FIVE categories of Impossible Things are on my plate for 2015, and though I have those moments of panic and paralysis for sure -- what the hell am I thinking? am I just a freaking nutbag or what?!?! -- I also feel really good about this.

Challenged in a positive and exciting way.

Today we come to my fifth category.

This one has a long history.

And that history is weighed down by lots of baggage.

My fifth category is to write and publish books.

At this point in the year, this is the one category that feels most shrouded in mystery.

What do I even mean by "books?!"

Novels?  I have a whole manuscript that I think is good and that could be great if I gave it some attention and went in and ruthlessly CUT.

Poetry? I am constantly feeling the itch to get back to poetry, the form that Marcy thinks is my most natural.

Non-fiction/memoir? I keep getting ideas for these sorts of books but can't seem to settle on any kind of direction.

So as I work on my other impossible things, this one is the one that I need to approach most stealthily, I think. Let it naturally germinate. Await the signs, so to speak.

Just putting this in my head, just being clear that this is now an official intention...I do believe that puts the wheels in motion, and I don't mean in a woo woo way -- I mean setting intention tells my brain, "Work on this, please, while I am not looking."

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