Thursday, January 15, 2015

Impossible Things 2015: Number Four

From the weeklong immersion last Fall.
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Each day that I write about one of my five categories of Impossible Things for 2015, I keep thinking that THAT one is the scariest one of all.

All of these things just feel so damn...well...IMPOSSIBLE.

Which is the point, of course.

But there are these moments when I look at my lists and my breath gets shallow and I can feel the panic rising...and then the story machine gets activated and I start to really believe all the way to my toes that these things TRULY ARE impossible and I'm a total delusional dumbass for thinking otherwise.

And today is no exception.

Then I take a few breaths and just let the panic go. I have to. Once I commit to an idea, that's that, and I am committed to this idea that the things that feel impossible in that scary-meets-excitement way are the very things I AM capable of doing.

No one said it would be easy.

But it IS doable.

Category four is a big one for me. ( they all are.)

I am a dancer.

There is all kinds of concrete evidence that dance has always been and continues to be the poor sister among all the arts. (I won't get into the statistics around grant money or the way dancers are never paid a living wage or any of that stuff because I don't feel like freaking myself out right at the moment.)

(We also won't get into the fact that dance is the most associated with prostitution throughout history and we won't look at the sociological reasons for this and the fact that most dancers are WOMEN and what that says about our patriarchal, misogynist culture and its fear of powerful women.)

Most dancers eventually have to deal with the reality that they are going to be teachers in a traditional dance school way or that they are going to have a million other jobs.

We'll be putting all of that aside.

And NOT because delusional.

But because there has to be a new way to do this, right?

SOMEONE has to think outside this stifling box of material and spiritual poverty in which we've put dancers and in which we dancers have agreed (consciously or not) to stay.

My Impossible Thing Number Four for 2015 is to make a GOOD LIVING -- as in good MONIES -- from dance.

Just writing about this is kinda making my palms sweat.

But here's the thing: The second I identified this as an impossible thing that I really believed was impossible, the ideas started FLOODING in.

I have an entire big giant newsprint sheet of paper covered in HOW to do this.

So stay tuned.  ((grinning))

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