Monday, January 12, 2015

Impossible Things 2015: Number One

From The Radiance Sutras, trans. Lorin Roche, PhD
I announced before the new year that I would be working on Impossible Things in 2015. You can read about the idea here.

To sum up, this is all about identifying those areas in our lives where we tell ourselves stories that begin with things like, "I can't _____ because _____..."

These are things that meet at the intersection of excitement and fear. That's important, and you know what these things are because they give you a certain feeling in the belly.

I knew immediately what one of my Impossible Things was, but once I sat down with some big paper and markers, I realized that I have five categories of Impossible Things, and this week, I'll be sharing one a day.

The first Impossible Thing is about my body.

At the age of 46, I am definitely fitter than I have ever been in my life.

This morning by 9:30 -- and this is an average day -- I had already done a short run, some body weight circuit training, some yoga and stretching, and some pull-up training for my shoulders.

Later today I will do, at minimum, an hour of intensive dance work. And in February, I'll be adding a mid-day section to my daily training.

(That's one of the secrets: Only add one thing at a time, for about a month.)

All of this is out of necessity.

Without vigorous movement of this sort, I drop into depression and severe anxiety.

So first and foremost, my body work is about my mental and spiritual health.

After that, it's about my creativity.

And finally, after that, it's about my physical health.

Of course, you can't really separate them like that, but if you could, that's my priority list.

This year -- in service to my creativity -- I want to get even stronger and fitter.

My First Impossible Thing for 2015: GET RIPPED!

Now. Every single body is different, and I know I am not going to look like this because A) I'm not doing this for a LOOK but for a purpose (dance) and B) I don't put on muscle like that and C) I don't even wanna!

But more like this (according to Marcy who knows me so very well).

And again, I'm doing this for a couple of important reasons.

I'm doing this to show myself that I CAN.

I'm doing this because I see visions of things I want to express in my dance and I know the stronger I am, the more clearly this body will be able to speak those visions.

Are you doing anything Impossible this year?

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