Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Impossible Things 2015: Number Three

(You can find my first two impossible things here.)

Flying around the world to teach and create is super scary, like I said, because death. In big giant tin can.

But my third impossible thing is its own kind of scary...

About 4 years ago (almost exactly, actually), I was lucky enough to experience an intensive with the world's most respected western and female Butoh artist, Maureen Fleming.

I was already teaching and I had already started to say that I wanted to perform again.

Maureen called me on it.

I was one of only 4 people in that intensive and she immediately thought we were all "advanced" enough (though I was brand new to Butoh) to put on a performance at the end of our time together. She told us it was our choice.

I was scared shitless but did it anyway.

And it was amazing.

The second the music started and I was moving in front of the audience, I thought to myself, "Oh, right...this is what I am meant to do..."

And I haven't done it since.

Part of this is definitely about a learning curve. It takes time to find your choreographic voice.

But part of this is definitely about being scared shitless again and not having someone telling me what to do.

This is all me.

I want to create pieces with groups but I also want to create pieces for ME. I want to share those pieces in a variety of ways.

So this year...this year of Impossible Things is THE YEAR. This I will do. Period.

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