Studio Philosophy

Girl on Fire Movement Studio is a women's space dedicated to passionate play and fearless fitness.

What does this mean?

Passionate play is important for emotional, spiritual, and physical health, but most of us make no room for it in our day-to-day lives.  As women, we might play with the children around us, but that play is constructed for and focused on them.  Women need to play without being the "leader" of the activity, and we need playful interactions with other women.

We also need a safe environment in which to experiment, a space in which we can light our internal fires and build our radiance.

Women need, as Virginia Woolf very wisely said, a room of their own. Women need a place to refuel, reconnect, and reinvigorate without any pressures and without any judgment.

Women need to feel seen but not watched.

As women in this space, our primary objective is to be brave and our primary responsibility is to witness with loving eyes, ourselves and all the women around us.

Fearless fitness is not just a phrase about our physical bodies. When we enter the studio, we enter a sacred space where we are spiritual warriors, exploring our internal landscapes as vigorously as we explore the external.

Our bodies will change over time. They will get stronger, more balanced, more graceful, more creative, but more importantly, our relationship to our bodies will change as we realize and claim our own power and beauty in a way that, perhaps, we never have before.

Inside the sacred studio space, we will come face to face with our fears but also with our potential, and it is in these moments that our fearlessness will guide our choices.

Girl on Fire Movement Studio Values

These are the basic, core principles that guide all of my work and are fundamentally indispensable to your own experience in the studio.

Entering the studio while holding these values consciously in your heart will transform what we do from mere exercise to shared ritual.

COURAGE:  Courage only exists in the same space as fear and risk, so we must be willing to dance with these darker parts of ourselves. We will willingly engage where we may have previously refused to do so. We will willingly try new things. We will willingly feel and demonstrate our vulnerabilities, and in doing so, honor the vulnerabilities in others. We will step outside our comfort zones, knowing that is where learning happens. We will willingly go to battle with our demons, knowing that all the women around us are supporting us, holding us up, strengthening us with their witness.

COMPASSION:  Women often have no problem compassionately caring for everyone around them, but when it comes to themselves, they are often last in line and standing with an empty begging bowl.  We will, therefore, make a promise to ourselves: We will show the same compassion toward ourselves. We will do this by always listening to our internal voices, our bodies' messages, our deep whispered needs. We will do this by eating well and not seeing food, which is sustenance, as the enemy. We will not judge ourselves.  We will act from a place of joy. We will care for this body, mind, and spirit, as we have cared for so many other bodies, minds, and spirits.

REVERENCE: We will be mindful, always, of our own limits, and we will be mindful of the limits of others. We will witness the women around us from a place of awe and respect. We will be for each other what we sometimes cannot be for ourselves. We will step into the studio intending the best for everyone there.

SINCERITY:  "The body never lies," said Martha Graham, and this will be our guide in our movement work -- to move from a place of integrity and honesty. To make the next real gesture. To feel the next real feeling. To take the next real breath. In our interactions with one another, we will (with compassion) never fear to speak truth. We will also never fear hearing truth. We will respectfully honor the other person's path but also be willing to respectfully challenge one another.

DEVOTION: We will honor ourselves enough to commit to this practice, to make time and space in our lives for our path. We will honor those with whom we walk this path by committing to this practice. Even when not in the studio, even when not physically dancing, we will maintain devotion to the practice, always moving with awareness so that even our daily walking about becomes moving meditation, and always looking for ways to courageously dance with the circumstances of our lives. We will prioritize our practice, knowing we only get what we are willing to give.