NEW! Teacher Training!

From a demo in the park two summers ago.
Kintsugi Dance™is for all bodies and ages.
(Age range in photo: mid 30s to almost 80)

I am a little beyond excited and way past nervous to finally announce the very first ever (OH MY GOD) Kintsugi Dance™Teacher Training.

WHO Can Come to This Training/Workshop?

Okay...This is actually the Teacher Training Part One, OR, if you like, a very intense, totally-just-for-you, deep dive workshop exploring this process of dance as spiritual practice.

You don't even need to decide before you come. You could come thinking you don't want to teach* but really need this for your sanity and health and then later you decide you DO want to teach so you just sign up for Teacher Training Part Two, which will be offered online! Distance learning for the win! (Saving you on traveling expenses and allowing me to offer part two at a decreased cost!)

(*True story: Totally happened to me. When I went to my very first training five years ago, I had no freaking intention to teach. And now? It's what I do! HA!)

OR...(See? There are SO MANY freaking options and so many kinds of people who could benefit from this training/workshop!) could come for part one because you are a coach or an art/expressive therapist or a counselor or a psychologist...just someone who works with making happier and healthier people who would like another tool in their toolbox (or needs some serious care-taking for themselves).

That's pretty much the WHO could come to this workshop.

WHAT Experience Do You Need?

But I can hear you already: What kind of experience do I need, Christine? Do I need some sort of dance background?


Do you love to move? Do you love music? Do you want to learn more ways to explore movement in YOUR OWN body? Do you think that dance can be an ecstatic experience that takes us to our best and biggest and most radiant selves?

Answer yes to those and you are someone I geek out about working with!

More seriously: Before coming to this training, I would love that you have some sort of movement practice or that you've worked with me either in person or online. How's that?

Mostly though? I love working with blank slates, and even if you DO have a dance background or a serious movement practice, this modality is all about Breaking That DOWN. We want to get to your natural, essential self here. We want to strip away the STUFF that has been put on you by other people.

(And please note: Just as this modality is for every level of fitness, so is this teacher training. The main lesson of this modality is to listen to your own body and respect your own limits and learn how to challenge yourself safely and appropriately. And though we will be working together for many hours a day, that won't all be dance time! There is so much material to cover that you will have ample down time from the physical component.)

HOW Do I Teach?

And that's the most important thing I can do as a teacher who is teaching other potential teachers:

  • I want to help you learn YOUR way.
  • I want to help you learn how to think critically about movement and bodies and the creative process.
  • I want to help you learn how to create your own material.

That doesn't mean I won't be teaching you structure.

OH! I will be teaching you LOTS of structure.

But the structure I teach is BOUNCY, flexible. Think of the structure I will be teaching you like a diving board: It's meant for you to JUMP OFF OF.

It's always there to support you. You go back to it over and over and over and over...but each time with the intention of diving into the unknown and finding something new.

WHAT Will You Learn?

In Teaching Training Part One (Otherwise known as Workshop Intensive!), we'll be focusing on experiential learning.

I will basically be modeling for you. You'll learn by observing and doing.

We'll be going DEEP into all the processes I've developed and use and the WHY and HOW behind it, but we won't spend time talking about how to get yourself out there or how to develop a student body or how to build a class structure from nothing or how to search for the right music or any of that teaching specific sort of stuff (that is for Teacher Training Part Two).

PLEASE Be More Specific

Okay. I shall.

(Though keep in mind, by the time you get here in late September, there will be even more of this and there will be different stuff that I can't even now imagine...I am CONSTANTLY developing new ways of doing this work, which is why after you complete both teacher trainings, you join a Teachers' Association where I will always share what I am up to and new music and everything you need to keep your classes creative and your own self challenged and happy. And in the near future there will be advanced trainings for dealing with niche populations.)

A small overview of topic areas:

Kintsugi Dance™ is a spiritual and psychological/emotional practice first and foremost and the spirit of this practice comes from the deep philosophical teachings of yoga, though I also throw in whatever floats my boat, so we'll spend some time each day looking specifically at these foundations.

Throat and voice work -- we'll work to open your throat to allow your true voice to emerge and we'll explore ways to use the voice to create emotional healing. We'll also play with chant.

Biomechanics and neuroscience -- we'll look at all the body and brain benefits of dance and specifically how non-led dance is the best thing out there for a healthy aging human.

Meditation/Guided Visualization -- we'll learn to incorporate these into our dance and movement practice rather than seeing them as separate.

The Emotion of Music -- we'll play with a huge array of music and explore how it feels in the body and ways to use it to create release.

Bodyparts™ -- this is my warm up modality that is constantly evolving, but we'll literally move from the feet to the top of the head, learning how to increase the mobility of every joint along the way but also becoming aware of the emotional content of each section of the body.

Levels™ -- I developed this work specifically because of my work with elders but have found that it is work that is challenging for every age group I work with. Levels™work will expand your movement vocabulary quickly. Each day, we'll work on a more subtle level than the previous.

Butoh and Modern Dance -- we will play with bits of material from the world of trained dancers, again, to increase your movement vocabulary. Butoh, in particular, has been deeply formative to my work.

The Poetics of Movement -- we will play with an entire toybox of ideas and ways to get the body moving, including incorporating actual language into our dance and the use of guided imagery and koan-like prompts that I use to intentionally confuse the body into newness.



WHAT About the Details?

Oh, right!

LOCATION: Girl on Fire Movement Studio, Erie, Pennsylvania

DATES:  Sunday, September 28th, 2014, we begin at 7 PM that evening THROUGH Friday, October 3rd and we conclude before Noon.

WHAT'S INCLUDED in the Cost: All the training hours are with me. (Some trainings delegate. Not this one.) There will be reading materials provided. After the training, you'll receive notes from the training, including music lists. (Though I encourage you to also take your own notes.)

What's NOT Included: Your travel, of course. Your lodging and food. As people sign up, I will open a secret Facebook group so you can (possibly) coordinate travel. Also so you can coordinate sharing rooms (and I'll give leads on hotels that are easy to find, etc.).  Between the main section of hotels and my studio (down one long road), there is a Wegman's. If you don't know what Wegman's is, you're in for a treat. It's the best grocery store on the planet and it also happens to have a MOST AMAZING selection of eat-in or take-out meals. And it's VERY reasonably priced. VERY. (Especially if you come in from a larger city, this will shock you.)

NOTE: A wee legal thing-a-ma-jig about the payment: FULL PAYMENT is due by September 1st. No refunds after August 1st, including on any payments made after that date. If you ask for a refund before August 1st, it will be given minus a 10% processing fee.


NOTE:  My studio size is limiting the number of students I can take into this training, so be sure to secure your spot as soon as you can. I'm only taking twelve people! You can secure your spot with a 50% payment.

One time, up-front full payment.
$1,000 USD

Secure your Spot, 50% Payment
(Other 50% Due by September 1st)
$500 USD

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS at all, feel free to email me or send me a private message on Facebook.


Kintsugi Dance™: Breath-based Movement Experiment for the Soul

Kintsugi Dance™ is dance as spiritual art and playful practice. Grounded in the physical body, we begin and move from breath and awareness; our movement is felt and allowed, not thought or directed.

WARNING: During a Kintsugi Dance™ experience, you will uncover heretofore unknown depths of joy and strength. Be prepared to unstick your stuck, slay your demons, and immolate your fears. Also? Your groove will totally get groovier, as will the rest of your life.

Whether you spend 90 minutes with me or an entire week, this is the basic pattern that we’ll follow:

The first part of a Kintsugi Dance™ experience  focuses on the bellows of breath, creating heat and stoking our internal fire. We begin with an in-this-moment understanding of our physical self, through a thorough warm up and exploration of the body, part by part, increasing our own unique creative expression through patience and mindfulness. We breathe the entire body and connect to internal and external space.

In the second part of the experience, we continue to build our internal fire into a blazing force that can burn away what we no longer need and give light and life to what serves us. We change our focus to the emotional body working with the poetics of movement and body story. With intentionally vague prompts and guided visuals, we work to release thinking mind and move the body out of old habit patterns and into natural movement. With the release of thinking mind, we can hear the wisdom of the body, leading us to deeper levels of personal freedom.

And finally, in the third part of a Kintsugi Dance™ experience, we bank the fire, leaving behind an ember that we take into our day to day lives as a reminder of our true selves. Here we enter into spirit body. Slowing everything down, we pay attention to micro movements arising from relaxed breathing. Cooling down, we attend to whatever may have been missed, listening for needs that have been left unmet. The emphasis at the end of an experience is to allow for the integration of any spontaneous knowing that may have arisen. We conclude using relaxation to transition from the sacred space we have created together.