(More videos and photos to come; keep checking back!)

From an online dance-as-spiritual-practice group I lead in August 2013, this video is a quick overview of the sorts of things we explore within the body especially during warm up:

On July 7, 2013, my elder dancers got the cover of Her Times! Along with that and a wonderful article, they created this video:

Late summer of 2012, some of my students bravely joined me during a large art event to demonstrate our work on an outdoor stage in a city park. Here are some photos from that amazing day:

This video is of Flo, 77.  She truly embodies the spirit of the studio in her approach to dance. She sees it as a form of prayer flowing through her and she says it has nothing to do with her, that she just has to be receptive.

If you have no idea what Kundalini yoga is, this short (and old-ish) video will give you a glimpse into how different it is from other yoga.